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  Insurance Advisory :
It is necessary to know the needs of the person and his family before taking any insurance, whether life or non-life. It is not done just for tax planning. After studying the total profile of a family, it's planning for future expenses and possible contingencies; a decision is to be taken on the planning for insurance. Actual policy to be taken out is selected thereafter, depending on the fit with existing policies, the kind of policies being offered by various companies, etc. A similar approach is taken for non-life insurance, like Mediclaim, accident, householders', business insurances, etc. We are not insurance agents; we help you analyse your needs.TOP

Investment and Finance :
Firstly, the saving and investment needs and potentials are identified. Thereafter, the investment profile is drawn up, and clients are helped to set the investment targets. Then the clients are advised about possible avenues best suited to them from the points of view of suitability to the profile, risk or safety involved, ease of operation by client, expenses involved in operation, etc. We are not brokers; we help you state your needs clearly.TOP

Turnkey Projects (Technical) :
Due to the expertise available with DECISION SHOP, it is possible to take up complete Turnkey projects for industries and other projects, with the help of our technical panel. Since the other (legal, management and commercial) expertise is available within DECISION SHOP itself, it is easy to coordinate the technical aspects with the overall project objective.TOP

Infrastructure :
Infrastructure is the one area poised for great strides in India in the near future, and going to be so for quite a long time to come. It is possible to put up infrastructure projects even on a micro scale, where they can be properly managed from conception to building and then to operations. This Division is advising governments, semi-government bodies and non-government organizations [including private companies] to properly select the projects, their objectives, method of implementation, ironing out legal issues, financing, project implementation and commissioning, and subsequent operations to fulfill the objectives, or their proper re-planning in light of some unforeseen circumstances.TOP

Government Relations & Management :
A wise businessman sees Government not just as an obstacle in his work but is also aware of the advantages of harmonious relations with government. These normally take the form of advance information in policy changes, government compulsions and needs which finally emerge as tenders. Good representation of one's thoughts and interests can also lead to advance consultations at the level of policy formulation. This activity is becoming even more important when government is actively looking for Public-Private Partnership in many areas like infrastructure, services, and even giving out non-critical government work which will free up precious government resources.TOP

Legal Advisory Services :
For our clients, law needs to be checked at every point in planning, to minimize complications during their work. Also, certain events trigger the need for legal advisory, like dealing with recoveries, commercial fraud, etc. It is also necessary nowadays to plan one's wills properly to avoid unnecessary harassment to the intended beneficiaries. To meet such needs, the Legal Advisory Services Division provides the required advice and looks after some routine work, like legal records preparation, follow-up and maintenance. Another major area handled by this Division is the legal angle in asset management, particularly land and property.TOP

Taxation and Planning :
It is everyone's desire to minimise the taxes to be paid. However, this must be done very systematically – not just to avoid legal penalties but also to take a long-term benefit of the legal concessions. DECISION SHOP is ideally structured to provide this service, with the help of its Accounts and Taxation experts, because it takes a holistic view of your long-term objectives for yourself and your family.TOP

Software Solutions :
Existing providers of software solutions have skills limited to their software areas, so naturally they are interested more in fitting their software onto your systems. But due to a total overview of the clients' requirements, we make sure the software project guidelines are set first, and then the software is planned, written, tested and implemented along with training of people, and timely modifications as required. The approach is to find a match for the client's needs, rather than to find a buyer for a ready-made solution.TOP

Asset Planning & Management :
After careful preparation and study of the client's profile, he is helped in planning the kind of assets he should hold: both liquid assets and non-liquid assets. These include financial instruments, handled thereafter by the Investment and Finance Division, and other assets like land, property, property rights, Jewellery, art, etc. which are helpful avenues for investment, i.e. in absorbing money presently not needed but likely to yield a capital benefit in the long term. This Division examines the types of assets, the kind of care they require to maintain their value, and the risks associated with their value.The work looked after by this Division includes Property Selection and Care, Risk Management and Non-property Asset Selection and Management.TOP

Recruitment & Compensation Planning :
Proper selection of executives and other staff is the most important factor in business success. Often, confidentiality is required when selecting people. Due to its wide contacts and experts, DECISION SHOP is very helpful in selecting staff. Closely allied to selection is compensation – don't pay a good man, and he won't perform. Here again, the client is provided a proper guide way because he has been helped to prepare his own business plan first, which throws up the targets required, leading to the kind of compensation to be planned, and actually to be given as a performance reward.TOP

Research & Development :
It is often necessary to know quickly what to do research in. Directions and objectives of actual research are to be established before starting off on the R & D activity. Also, business requires various kinds of research - more than just scientific R & D. DECISION SHOP is in an ideal position to help businesses decide on R & D objectives, and also provide quick research for developing pointers to the detailed research required. DECISION SHOP is also in a position to take up R & D in the areas of social sciences as applicable to business, e.g. in marketing, HRD, economic research to assess long-term impact of decisions [like on infrastructure projects], etc.TOP

Travel Company :
This Division takes up domestic and international bookings and tour planning for clients. It also handles foreign exchange requirements, and caters to NRI’S for their total travel and stay plan.TOP

Management Training Center :
Even good businessmen require training from time to time to keep up with the latest developments. It is also very useful to provide training to children before introducing them to one's own business. To help clients in this activity, a psychological profile is first developed for them, and a Capabilities and Potentialities profile is also developed. This helps decide what training is necessary at which stage, and the depth of training to be provided. Then the client is advised as to the best training programme and schedule, and also the best trainers.TOP

Also, whenever any person tries to make changes in his organisation, the people should be well-trained to bring the change to fruition. DECISION SHOP has the proper people in its panel to provide the necessary training to people at all relevant levels in an organisation, so that the change brings the maximum benefits to the company and to the people.TOP

Competence building training in specific areas is also undertaken, like ERP [Enterprise-wide Resource Planning], CRM [Customer Relations Management], SCM [Supply Chain Management], ISO-9000 Systemsplanning and implementation, etc.; again, always keeping the clients' requirements foremost in mind. Similarly, skill building is as much required in today's world: skills for gathering information, for taking decisions, for implementation, for leadership in changing situations, for working with people, for communications, for negotiations, etc. DECISION SHOP is able to provide such training at the clients' premises as well as in its own well-equipped Training Center.TOP

Spiritual Well-Being :
No amount of material benefits or even a well-planned, trouble-free life provide the real comfort to the spirit, which requires proper alignment with the person's own inner soul with the people and situations in his environment. With the aid of experts in the area of spiritual guidance [which is not religious guidance], clients are helped to find spiritual comfort. This process is normally started as a Health-cum-Spiritual Rejuvenation Holiday, and is then continued as a regular activity. The whole family requires to participate for real benefit.TOP

Diagnostic Studies in respect of Existing Units :
An existing business is often in need of analysis, to find out its true characteristics and its present situation, apart from the likely future environment it may face. Experts like DECISION SHOP are required to do this exercise in a balanced manner. Often, a businessman feels there is something wrong in his business, but cannot really put his finger on it. If only he knew the exact problem, he can deal with it. At this juncture, we help by stepping in and doing this diagnosis work, freeing the client from his tensions so that he can concentrate on his regular work.TOP

Business Turnaround :
Life can take many cyclical turns, with different threats and opportunities at each bend. This Division helps businesses take advantage of the situation in order to overcome its current problems, may be taking a smaller role for the moment, but definitely ensure its long-term survival – or at least a good exit for the owner. The Division also helps businesses be fore-warned and effect a turn-around just in time with the changes in the environment, so that it can avoid problems before they arise at all.TOP

Project Identification :
Investors and entrepreneurs need to identify projects suited to their abilities and inclinations. It requires an expert to find a short-list of projects in the given environment which have good potential as well as a proper fit with the client's characteristics and requirements. The experts with DECISION SHOP are well-qualified to identify the possible projects, and help the client select one of them. The other Divisions are most useful to the clients in implementing the project thereafter. The work is similar to advising a "private venture capitalist," i.e. one who is looking for projects to invest in – as investor or entrepreneur.TOP

BPO [Business Process Outsourcing] :
It is a mark of high intelligence to know what you excel at, and then to ensure that the remaining work is also matching in excellence. This can be done only by analysing the clients' own areas of excellence, and then finding out who can match them in excellence in other required areas. This, to put it simply, is BPO – it is somewhat like "job work" which all industries are familiar with, but it includes even things like planning being done by the job-worker, since he has considerably more expertise in that area.TOP

Personal, Children's and Family Issues :
There are times when one needs to discuss certain personal issues very confidentially but with someone with imagination to come up with solutions. The holistic approach taken up by DECISION SHOP minimizes the occurrence of panic situations. When they can not be eliminated, the approach provides the Counselor in such a good overview of the situation that he can guide the client much better even in personal and family matters like children's career planning, marital arrangements and settlements, etc.TOP